T-Tapp: Tried it? Loved it? Hated it?


Jun 21, 2006
I am considering getting the T-Tapp book and/or DVDs.

I recently lost about 60 pounds, and I am not necessarily interested in losing much more but I do want to tighten up and improve my physical fitness. I also want to be able to more easily maintain my weight loss and I know a good exercise program will help me with this.

Challenges are:

1) Sedentary job (and yes, I already try to do as much walking as possible, use the stairs, park next door etc.)

2) >1 hour commute each way every day-- which means that my DD4 and I get home a touch late-- and if I try to squeeze in exercise in the evening it really steals from our family time. After she goes to bed, there is not enough time to do what I need to do, exercise, and wind down to get to sleep at a reasonable time. With the long am commute I am sorry but... I have tried to get up that much earlier to work out and can't stay on track with it.

SO: I already do some great workouts on the weekend, but that is just not enough for changes.

T-Tapp is supposed to be a short time. I could *certainly* find 15 minute to exercise. Is it *really* 15 minutes though? What about warm up, cool down and time to get ready? That is the problem with, say, the treadmill. Yeah, 15 minutes on it is great several days/ week. BUT it is really 45- 1 hour considering getting into appropriate clothes and shoes, wamr up with stretching, the workout itself, cool down, stretching, and cleaning up.

Any thoughts?

Also-- tips on where to buy/ what to buy?


Jan 2, 2005
I did it years ago, and yes it was good. You can just do the Basic Plus in about 20 minutes.

If nothing else the PBS made my back feel better than it had in years. It is really hard to get the right form though.

I just dug out my VHS tapes yesterday and want to start again.


Aug 5, 2007
Hi! Just did a basic web search of "T-Tapp" and this is what came up!

I was searching for success stories or other experiences with T-Tapp. I have done the Basic Workout Plus video many times now, and it truly is 15 minutes - maybe 20 tops if you include putting on your shoes, putting in the DVD, getting a bottle of water, etc. I purchased my BW+ video on eBay and received just the DVD but it includes an instructional workout and some other information about body types, etc.

I see this reply is MANY years later but I hope you have found some success with incorporating regular exercise into your routine. I am at that stage myself!

Thanks! - Beth


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