Swan/Dolphin TEACH/GOV Discounts Don't Kick In for Two Days?


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Feb 28, 2000
Hi -

I tried to place online reservations for the Swan/Dolphin for end of June to early July to see how the Teach/Gov rate works. The reservation confirmation came up as $250/night for the first two nights and $129/night for the last three nights.

Does anyone know just how this works and why the reservation came up this way? Thanks !
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I wonder if it could be that the dates you entered don't have the discount available? It isn't available every day.
If you have to have those certain dates, keep checking back (but call the resort directly) on Fridays. That's when dates are released and put into the computer.
Here are the dates I found available for discounts in June and July.

06/03/01 - 06/05/01
06/08/01 - 06/28/01
07/03/01 - 07/14/01
07/18/01 - 09/25/01

Also, I'm not sure where you tried to book online, but I've had some problems with discounts not being given on one site, even when the info was input and acknowledged. When I called, got the discount, no problem. Also, the SwanDolphin web site for ressies does not have the capability to figure discounts.

Swan Dolphin Reservations Phone: 1-800-227-1500

Good luck!
:rolleyes: D'OH! I should have been able to figure that out. Thanks for the heads up, Poohluvr!
That weekend of the 28th "Future Business Leaders of America" are staying there, so it could be tough, but don't give up. You may luck out closer in!! :)

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