Earning My Ears
Apr 13, 2000
I was wondering if you can tell me how hard it is to get a job as a ride attendant at Universal. I'm planning on moving to Orlando sometime next year and planning on looking for a job there in March. I was wondering also if they have full-time positons for ride attendants. Also what do they pay for mininum wage there.

Hey there LMP, getting a job at Universal can be pretty easy. Ride/Show is almost always hiring, unfortunately they usually start all of the employees as part time, granted if you do a good job and they see that and positions are available you can be moved up to full time. When you come down you can always go into Human Resources at Universal and see what positions are available, there is always a board in the lobby with open positions listed on it. Human Resources is in the employee parking lot just off of Turkey Lake Road behind the Studio. They are open typical business hours on weekdays and have their own parking area right in front of the building


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