Sunday Mass


Earning My Ears
Feb 23, 2001
Does anyone know if Universal has a Christian mass?
We will be at HRH for Palm Sunday and hoped to squeeze in mass before we hit the parks.
A warning about Mary Queen of the Universe:

It is a wonderful Catholic Church most days of the year. But remember, it is the largest and most noticeable Catholic Church in the area. Most all hotels in Disney, 192, and I-Drive direct their Catholic guests to this one church. It is also the closest major Catholic Church to ALL of the Disney Resorts, I-Drive Resorts, and Universal Resorts. Granted, the place is pretty big, but no where near big enough for what happens on the holidays.

Easter and Palm Sundays are a zoo. Folks are parking up to 1/2 + mile away - and they are running 2 masses simultaneously. One inside the church (better get there 45 minutes in advance to get in) and one outside the church, in a tent. Most families end up sitting or standing on the outskirts of a huge tent for the hour mass.

I would HIGHLY suggest driving a few extra minutes to the Roman Catholic Cathedral in downtown Orlando. Tons of free parking (close too!) and it's all locals! Great mass and wonderful choir.

Honestly, I would stay away from Mary Queen of the Universe on Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas - the crowds of tourists are worse than the theme parks :eek


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