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    All of the top Players earn pins to show off in their profile, as well as stacks of extra credits, and exclusive furnishings, magic effects and costumes.
    Summer Celebration

    Virtual Magic Kingdom hosted its first ever in-game event on June 18, 2005. Over 1,000 Players from all over the world gathered to show off their favorite outfits; some Players received the Dancing Inferno magic spell pin in recognition of their cool outfits.

    Players then participated in a scavenger hunt to find one of six Players hidden throughout VMK. The first to find each of them received a free room — the Haunted Mansion Conservatory. Our winners are:

    Runners-up received the Jungle Cruise Explorer's Tent:
    Fafnir, Angelofitaly, TheCowgirl, Dragonfangz, iluvsplash, lilmermaid, trstno1, twdtwd, Kait, lyssamac, DanOtheManO, Guest52905, DisneyDrum, coolbiscuit, djar, betathanme, Muggle, JustaGirl, PinkTink, ThreePts, AshleighPink, Dewdrop, Beachhalo86, Krazychik.

    Congratulations to all of our winners! Watch this space for news on future events.

    Talent Search Results

    This week our talent scouts spotted two Players' rooms that we feel best show flair and originality.

    MrGenie uses his room to host a nightly comedy club, while BlueMickey has styled his digs to look like a gift shop at Disneyland. Both Players received a special prize, and now wear the Best Guest Room badge. Stop on by to check out their decor, and offer your congratulations. Who knows — next week your room could be featured here!

    i didn't go

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