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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by joyful, Jan 1, 2002.

  1. joyful

    joyful Earning My Ears

    Jun 5, 2000
    I need all of you cruising veterans to help me out here. I'm thinking of doing either the 4 night or the 7 night Western carib. in mid-late July.

    I know that this is technically hurricane season but would like to know what peoples experiences were with the seas at this time?

    I get myself so worked up over the fear of motion sickness. We just did the 3 day in December and while much of our time is docked in some Port, I will say the first night we left Port Canaveral had me a tad bit queasy.

    So everyone, what do you think about cruising in the summer months?

    Any input is appreciated.

  2. Dave_from_Marietta

    Dave_from_Marietta DIS Veteran

    May 19, 2001
    Although Hurricane Season is officially from June 1 to November 30, the peak of activity seems to be from mid-August to mid-October.
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  4. duges

    duges Guest

    that's good to know - we're going July 27th!!
  5. inkkognito

    inkkognito <font color=green>I shall call him Mini-Me<br><fon

    Nov 22, 1999
    We have sailed every year since 1998 in the heart of hurricane season and have had uncanny year, we sailed the week right between two of them!!! You may notice rougher waters, but hopefully not too bad. It's common to be queasy the first night due to the gulf stream. We have two more cruises booked in hurricane season in 2002. If there is any danger, Disney will change the itinerary. Also, I've heard that if the seasickness pills don't work, there is a shot you can get from the medical center (the pills are free but the shot costs extra...probably well worth it).
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  6. SingingMom

    SingingMom DIS Veteran

    Jul 4, 2001
    We sailed 7/14 - calm waters, gorgeous weather, one little drizzle. It really was a fantastic time to visit the islands - it wasn't unbearably hot, but very tropical! No signs of any hurricane activity!:cool:
  7. ChiTownZee

    ChiTownZee "You have no idea what I'm capable of."

    Jul 31, 2000
    We live w/ hurricane season every year down here, and I pretty much ignore it until around sept.
  8. 1 Disney Lovin' Mom

    1 Disney Lovin' Mom Earning My Ears

    Nov 14, 2001
    My family will also be cruising on the July 27, 2002 Magic. Until then I will be praying that there are no hurricane complications.

    Duges, maybe I'll see you on board. :)

    1 Disney Lovin' Mom
    Memphis, TN

  9. ldb1030

    ldb1030 DIS Veteran

    Jun 9, 2000
    See you on board!! We are also cruising July 27, 2002!
    We sailed the same time in 2000 and had no weather problems what-so-ever!:)
  10. mmouse37

    mmouse37 DCL Diva!!

    Jun 29, 2001
    We have sailed DCL three times already in July. All three times we had great weather and calm seas!!! We went the 1st, 2nd, and 4th weeks of July.

  11. noahsmom

    noahsmom 2002 - Poly & Wonder; 2004 - Poly & Wonder; 2006 -

    Mar 20, 2002
    We've sailed the last part of July at least 10 times. We've never had a problem with weather. Seas are calm, weather is hot but there's a great breeze when the ship is moving. A couple of times we've had rain at castaway cay but it never stopped us from enjoying the day. A rainy day at castaway cay is better than a sunny day at work!
  12. CamColt

    CamColt Moderator Moderator

    Aug 7, 2000
    We usually cruise in July or August and while we have had some impact from hurricanes, mostly in August, it wasn't anything that ruined the cruise. Adjustments were made to the itineraries that worked out just fine. I don't remember those cruises being overly rocky as we sailed to avoid the storms.

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