Stromalong Bay Crowding


Earning My Ears
Nov 30, 2000
Has anybody thought of how crowded Stormalong Bay is going to be when they open BCV. As a BWV owner I don't think we will be able to pool hop over there anymore it will always be at "Capacity":confused: :confused: :confused:
I'm sure it will be! It was pretty crowded during our visit last Jan.. It was almost impossible to use the tube we rented, too many people to watch out for.
Seems to me that it could just be handled by Disney on a day to day basis. I usually visit in July, stay at BWV and then pool hop to SAB. Have never found it to be exceptionally crowded.
I hope it's a day to day thing. That would be a lot better than a blanket removal of the pool hopping privilege there.
I think it's safe to assume that pool hopping to SAB will go away fairly early in the BCV opening phase.

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