Stroller for 9 month old.... was wondering if the MK strollers


Earning My Ears
Mar 2, 2001
were those plastic kind that you find at the mall etc. Do you think my 9 mo old son would be comfortable in MK strollers? Also does anyone know of a site that shows a picture of the rental strollers at MK? Thanks so much in advance, I just found this board today and I can't wait to look around here! :)

Alynn :)
I would bring my own stroller for a 9-month old because 1) the ones at Disney do not recline and 2) you need to turn it in when you exit the park. We drove ourselves to the park and I liked being able to stroll my kids all the way to the car, then unloading everything, rather than lugging all of our 'stuff' through the parking lot.
Thanks alot for the suggestions, I guess its only logic to take our own but I hope they are careful with it when loading and unloading on the plane.:)

You can bring your stroller directly to the door of the plane. Don't check it with your luggage. They will give you a tag to put on it when you check in, and you will have it to walk through the airport. When you get to the door of the plane, take the baby out, fold the stroller up and leave it to the side. When you get off the plane it will waiting for you at the door!
IMHO I wouldn't use a WDW stroller for a 9mo - especially for napping. Graco and others have a "literider" that reclines, is lightweight, has a great basket and folds small. You can get one for between 30 and 100 depending on the "options". You will spend lots of time on line and in attractions where strollers are not allowed. We used a sling when my youngest was 15mos and it was a true lifesaver. It saved my back and allowed her to sleep through shows and ride fantasyland type rides. A good snugly front carrier could work as well. Check some out at the local baby store with you child in them and have a great time!!
Thanks everyone for the advice, I really appreciate it! :) We will either buy a light weight one or gate check the one we have now! Thanks again!


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