Stroller deal


Earning My Ears
Jun 29, 2000
After going through stroller hell at Disney, I thought I would help any prospective buyers out....yesterday, I found the Graco Duo Glider tandem stroller at Value City for $69. DH and I had looked at these, and they are normally prices between $119-129. Just thought that I would help anyone out. The saleslady told me that they buy from stores that have overstock or are going out of business. I asked to make sure this was not recalled or something was wrong with it. Pushes like a dream. Hope this helps someone.
twice at WDW so yesterday while at K-mart (went to buy furniture polish)and ended up with a j.Mason Transport stroller light weight and wheels manuver well for $25.00.DS is 3.5 yrs old and did not want to spend much cause we will only be using it on our trips to the world.It is really well padded and reclines also.It has a basket underneath for storage.


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I was wondering if all Value City carry them? I live about 45 min away from a Value City. What state do you live in, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks
We decided that we want to take our own stroller with us. We just purchased a Graco MetroLite stroller at BabiesRUs. It was $99. It doesn't fold up quite as small as an umbrella stroller, but it does fold up easily and it's pretty compact. It's lightweight (~8 lbs), it reclines, has a canopy, has cup holders on the top by the adjustable handlebar, as well as a cup and food holder for child. It also has a nice size basket underneath which was very important to us. Most umbrella strollers don't have that.

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I found this at Greenville Illinois Value City. Not sure about every store carrying these, but it was a fantastic deal. I would definately call before going.
They also had several(by this I mean 5-6) single strollers that were about $40. These were great models such as the Graco and Century models that were fairly expensive that were on sale.
Good Luck!!
Do you know the weight limit on these? I would like to take a compact, umbrella type stroller with me, but I have not been able to find one that will accomodate my son. He is 3 and weighs 55 pounds!! He's not fat, just very tall and solid. We have gone through a couple of umbrella strollers before but do not hold up to his weight. We have a full size stroller, but I was looking for something more compact to take on the trip.


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