Storing Insulin


Jan 9, 2002
I'm going to request something to store my Insulin since it needs to be refrigerated. Does anyone know whether they give you an actual refrigerator or some sort of cooler? Thx.
i havent been on a cruise yet (we leave 3/23/02!) but from what i have read here on these great boards, there is a room "cooler" that is not quite like a refrigerator. it works better keeping cold drinks cold than putting them in warm; it apparently takes like a day and a half to cool can sodas down. but it should be perfect for small insulin bottles. the real challenge will be keeping those blood sugars down with all that food around!
You'll need to call DCL or your TA and have them send you the form to request a refrigerator for medical purposes. We're getting one because they can not guarantee that the beverage coolers in the room will be at a consistent or low enough temperature.
We asked our travel agent (AAA) to request a frig for my daughters insulin on a 6/2000 Magic cruise but when we got to our room there was none.

We complaigned at the service desk and was informed that none of the rooms had a frig anymore but that they would keep the insulin in a frig at the service desk.

But when we complained even more the cruise suddenly found one within a short period of time and delivered to our cabin.

Pleased to annonce no more problems and a wonderful cruise.

Later at WDW resort we had the same problem where they wanted to charge $10 a day extra for a frig that barely worked. We called the desk and they took all the charges off our bill. They said it was their mistake and that they don't charge for medical reasons.

If, for some reason, DCL is unwilling or unable to provide you with an in-room refrig to store your insulin, I'm sure they would be more than happy to store it at the onboard medical center located on deck 1. Granted, it would be somewhat inconvenient, but at least it would be refrigerated at the proper temperature, unlike the room coolers.
That's exactly what the desk told us but it got old in a hurry and we were afraid that we might need insulin sometime when no one was at the desk - so we complained a little and they felt sorry for us and gave in.

Tonight - we booked another cruise for the Magic in 6/7/2003. We asked for a room frig and the Disney Cruise Rep told our AAA travel agent that they didn't have frigs (just coolers). We said we knew different and the Disney Rep fessed up and said they would make the arrangements if we supplied a Doctor's order.


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