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    Mar 8, 2000
    Cast of Characters:

    Steve (that’s me) – 32 until midnight!
    Aaron (my SO) – 25

    Trip Date – 1/31/01 – 2/4/01

    Day 2 Part 2 : 2/1/01 Planet Hollywood dinner experience/first meeting with cheerleaders/PI wild evening!

    After an afternoon of outlet shopping, we were pretty tired and took a nice 2 hours nap. After showering and figuring what to wear to Pleasure Island, we decided to hop a bus to Downtown Disney. I knew that there was going to be a large group of cheerleaders/dance teams at Disney during our stay, but so far no sign of them. Then, as we passed through the Food Court on the way to the bus stop we saw them! A huge group of giggling teen-age girls! Seemed like there were thousands of them (realistically probably only about 50) all laughing and talking loudly while parents and chaperones tried to keep them all together. I immediately had visions to these girls occupying the rooms on either side of ours keeping us awake all night with their endless chattering (wrong about this as I never heard anyone on either side of our room).

    No one else was in line for the bus to Downtown Disney when we arrived (around 6 p.m.), but then the cutest family showed up (mom, dad, 2 year old son, aunt & uncle). The 2 year old was the sweetest little boy and had the best disposition on the bus. Family got off at the West Side and we got off right by Planet Hollywood where we would be enjoying our free dinner and admission to PI.

    How did they get a free dinner and admission to PI you might ask? Well, back during our Thanksgiving trip I had ordered the special PI dinner/dining package a few days before our arrival and was supposed to pick up package at Guest Services at Downtown Disney. When we went to pick up package, CM discovered that package had been mailed to our house (even though in their computer system it said that we would be picking them up). I was a little upset as we were told that they did not have any more packages. They finally found one (after we had been waiting 45 minutes at Guest Services) and they told us we could keep the one they had mailed us (at the time we had not planned on making another visit, so I was still unhappy).

    Okay, back to the story. We were going to have dinner at Planet Hollywood as I had my “go to the head of the line” pass I have for having a Planet Hollywood credit card (only thing I use it for is at PH) and showed it to the girl at the front counter as we were expecting a wait as it was dinner time. She just laughed and said we didn’t need it and we were immediately seated. We got Jack for our waiter. Okay, maybe not Jack from “Will & Grace”, but he was one of the gayest waiters we ever had seen! With our dinner package we were each able to choose an appetizer, an entrée, deserts, and soft drink from a set menu. We did not want the spinach dip for our appetizer (only one listed on the set menu) and asked our waiter if we could have something else. “Honey, you can have whatever you want” he said. We both got the Captain Crunch Chicken Fingers that I usually love, but they were a bit cold and rubbery. I ate all of mine (you get 4 for $7.99) and Aaron gave me one of his as he didn’t like them very much. We then both got the grilled chicken sandwich topped with ham and Swiss cheese on special Italian bread with fries($10.95) . This was pretty good, but could have been warmer. Then we both got the double chocolate brownie with ice cream. This was fantastic as the brownies were large and moist. You got two huge brownies with vanilla ice cream in the middle, then it is covered with hot fudge and whipped cream ($7.95). We each only ate one of the brownies and left the rest as we were full and did not want to stuff ourselves. Did I mention we both are on diets? Oh well, I try to leave the diet at home and splurged when we are at Disney! With the package, taxes and tip are already included, so we left and headed for Pleasure Island.

    We got up to the gate at Pleasure Island only to find that our passes did not work. A message of “upgraded passes” kept popping up for both our passes. CM was confused and we had to go to booth for another CM to find out what was happening. Apparently it showed up in the computer that our PI admission tickets had been upgraded to 4-day hopper passes! How did that happen? I started to get excited, but then CM took our tickets and told other CM to let us through gate into PI. Wait a minute I thought! What about our free 4-day hopper passes. Aaron said that we got dinner and admission to PI for free and we should be happy we got that (especially as we have season passes). I decided not to question the CM about passes and into PI we went.

    One of our traditions on each trip to Disney is that Aaron makes a CD at the “Star Recording Studio” as he is a singer/actor and he just loves to do this. We usually try to go early because if you go later, there is always a crowd of drunks who think it would be fun to sing. Fortunately there was no line. I left Aaron to sing and I made my way into a few of the shops and got a drink called a “Shark Bite” at one of the stands.

    Next comedy show started at 8 p.m. and as it was now 7:45 I wanted to go see it. Aaron had just finished his song and we got in line for the show. We got decent seats, ordered some drinks (I got a “Bananas Foster” and Aaron had a “Blue Hawaiian”), then the show started. They always put on a great show and we were not disappointed.

    After the comedy club, we made our way over to the Adventurer’s Club for some Kongladoosh (spelled wrong, but it’s a great frozen drink made with rum and the signature drink of the club). We saw the show in the main room, the mask room, then caught the cabaret show in the library. The female adventurer put on a great act and then she started making the rounds of the crowd asking people where they were from. She got to our table and said she noticed Aaron’s wedding ring. “Where is your wife?” she asked. “Right here!” Aaron said and gave me a hug. She laughed (as many people in the audience did) and quickly moved on.

    We then made our way over to Mannequin’s so we could dance (Mannequin’s is the only place where it’s obvious that it’s “gay night”). Dance floor was packed full of guys (and a few girls as well) and we danced to lots of techno music. We got bored with that after awhile (and when you are a committed couple the club scene gets old very fast). Always fun to check out the expressions of people who wander into Mannequin’s on a Thursday night only to find lots of men dancing with men! We then went back to the Adventurer’s Club to catch another show in the library. It was now 11:30 p.m. and we wanted to go watch the big New Year’s Eve fireworks show they put on. We got a drink and a good spot to watch the “Explosion Dancers” put on their show. Lots of fun!

    After the show was over and midnight came and went and I realized I just turned 33 (you have to remember that in gay years, 30 is over the hill) I was ready to leave. Didn’t have to wait long for the bus and we made it back to the resort. Food court was still open and I got a craving for chocolate cake and got a big piece from the bakery.

    Got back to the room and quickly fell asleep. Tomorrow (now really today) was our full day at the Magic Kingdom and my special birthday lunch at the Castle (couldn’t get in for the breakfast).

    Next up: Our wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom!
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    Jan 25, 2000
    Thanks for the report Steve. Sounds like a great time!
  3. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun evening. Thanks for posting!
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    Feb 28, 2000
    Steve, is Maniquines always gay night on Thurs? What about the other nights - Fri. Sat ? Would a female couple feel comfortable dancing here as well? and , what about other clubs at Disney - like on the boardwalk , are there any places to dance on the boardwalk and still feel pretty comfortable about it?

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