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    May 14, 2004
    We're leaving on Wednesday! Although we're staying off-site this time, we will pick up 4-day tickets (plus 2 extra days free) to WDW when we arrive in Orlando. We're getting a mini-van at the airport to drive for two weeks. It's a special rate of $242.75 which includes taxes, fees, etc. That's the total for TWO weeks! The only string attached is that we have to deliver it back to Dallas.

    The drive back is fine with us because we have two sights to see on the way: 1) USS Alabama in Mobile, and 2) our friends in Biloxi who managed to survive Hurricane Katrina. We missed both when we drove down in December due to the damage all along the Gulf Coast.
    Our usual ride to the airport is unable to take us this time. We had to figure out a way to get all five of us plus luggage and golf clubs to DFW airport. A call to a shuttle company wasn't satisfying: $90 to take us the 38 miles. So we came up with another plan.
    Here's my convoluted way of getting our five people to the airport: we pick up a rent car from a local office the night before our flight, load the luggage the next morning, drive the family and baggage to DFW the next afternoon, off-load and check the baggage at the terminal, return the car to the airport rental center and then take the shuttle back to the terminal in time for our 5:30PM flight.
    The car (full-size, e.g., Chevy Impala) rental fee is just over $40 including taxes and fees, plus the gasoline. One rental company wanted to charge me a $50 drop-off fee so I found one who wouldn't. :rotfl2:
    At WDW I made priority seating arrangements for Liberty Tree Tavern Character Dining, Restaurant Marrakesh, and '50's Prime Time Cafe and the rest of the time we'll simply take our chances. Besides, my DB and DSIL might want to choose somewhere else when they go with us.
    Oh, the cast is yours truly, Flexan, DW, DD1 (13), DD2 (10) and DS (9). We're meeting DB and DSIL in Orlando this coming Saturday. They are jetting in from California and staying at Liki Tiki Resort west of WDW on US 192 near US 27. As for us, we'll be at Sweetwater Golf and Tennis Club in Haines City.
    So, I guess we're ready to go. :yay:

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