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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by LovetheMouse12302, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Mar 16, 2009
    We have a split stay next month and now have decided we may want to fly instead of drive. How easy is it to have Disney transfer your luggage? Does it take very long to receive your luggage? We will arrive at Pop Century for one night then move to the Polynesian. We have breakfast reservations at Ohana the morning we check into the Polynesian. Would it be easiest to take a cab to the Polynesian? How much does a cab from Pop to Poly cost? This is my first time flying and I am nervous about every detail of the trip@ :crazy2:
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    I have used Disney to move my luggage between resorts many times. It isn't quick though. I hand the bags off no later than 8am, and have never, ever had my luggage at the next resort before 5pm!!!
    If you have to go to the Polynesian for breakfast anyway, I would just get a cab and take the bags with me. Then you can check in, and if your room isn't ready, you can leave the bags with Bell Services and have them right there in case you need something out of them that day.
    I can't say how much the cab fare will be, but it sure would be worth it for the convenience. Otherwise, you are going to have to hand the bags off early...and at Pop that means taking them to the Luggage Assistence people. they are not speedy in their response to coming to the room to get bags!!! Then, they will want to be tipped. Then, you have to get on the bus to MK, then monorail or boat over to the Polynesian....time consuming to say the least.
    Much easier to get up, grab your bags, go to the front of Pop and have them call you a cab and go directly to the Polynesian.
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    We do split stays all of the time and love them. On the morning you are checking out of your first resort, call bell services and they will come up to your room. Tell them what resort you are transferring to and they will tag your luggage and send it off to your new resort. They will also give you a card to claim your luggage when you get to your new resort (bell services can deliver it to your room too, but you have to be there).

    They usually do the luggage deliveries in the afternoon, so I would pack a day bag with anything you might need if you re planning on going to the parks/waterparks. We've always gotten our luggage by 3-4pm.

    A cab from Pop Century to the Polynesian is probably around $20.

    Hope this helps and enjoy your split stay!
  4. P00H1010

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    We did a split stay last year. We had Disney transfer our luggage to our second resort. They told us that it probably wouldn't arrive until after 3pm.
  5. Sandi

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    At Pop (and any value resort), it isn't really bell services -- it is "luggage assistance" which is done more on their schedule than your schedule. So, you can call and schedule a time for them to come pick up your bags, but it may be a time that is an hour or more from when you call (it could also be 15 minutes from then, but . . .) At Pop, you can take your own bags to luggage assistance and they'll tag it for you and arrange for it to get to Poly (where they actually do have bell services). But, if you're going to do that, I'd just spend the $20 or so and load your luggage into a cab and get over to Poly for your breakfast.

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