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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Tammy296, Mar 15, 2013.

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    Feb 16, 2007
    Does anyone know how split stays work? I guess what I'm wondering really is how is the transfer done from one resort to the other without interrupting your trip too much..

    Does the front desk really help a lot with this? How?

    I want to make this as pain free as possible AND still get to enjoy the park without long transfer times.

    I'll have 1 rollaway luggage and probably one backpack for the vacation. It's just me so I won't have a lot of stuff. I did plan to order from garden grocers for a few things for my first 4 days...

    The only reason I decided to split stay is because I couldnt get the BC for the full week!! So I'll be doing 3 nights at one and 3 nights at the other...I know... breaks the vacation up but I need to find a way to do this as painlessly as possible!!! :scared1:

    I have never done a split stay before and I'm going solo (to add to any )

    Thanks in advance!
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    Apr 16, 2007

    I posted on your other thread, so just copied/pasted here :goodvibes.

    Split stays are easy as Disney will transfer your luggage to the second resort. On the morning of check out at the first resort, take your luggage to bell services (or call them and they will come to your room) and tell them which resort you are transferring to. They will take care of everything from there and you can head off to a park and check in at the 2nd resort later. Keep in mind that your luggage won't get to the next resort until 1-3 pm (sometimes later, depending on how busy it is), so make sure to keep anything with you that you might need during the day. Another option is to take a cab over to the 2nd resort with your luggage, check in, and then go about your day; although this way will take a little extra time getting to the new resort, checking in, etc. Also wanted to add that if you really want the BC for your whole stay, keep checking right up until your trip as people do cancel and you never know when the extra night(s) might become available. Good luck.
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    Feb 8, 2009
    Being solo it shouldn't be too difficult. We did our first split stay last summer - 2 nights OKW and 5 nights at Jambo. There are 4 of us (including 2 small kids with alot of stuff!!). Bell services at OKW was fantastic! We had our luggage and bags of groceries waiting for them (we called that AM and set up a time) and the man arrived with a luggage cart and carried it away. They will even transport refrigerated/frozen items and store those properly. It was so painless and then we just headed to the parks. When we arrived at AKV later that evening, we checked in and let them know our stuff was transported from OKW. In less than 10 min our bags were at the room.
    Very easy - much easier than I imagined. :)


    I guess Mickeynut and I posted at the same time - sorry if redundant! lol

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