spiderman question (for extra credit)


Earning My Ears
Nov 25, 2000
what does ioa use to make that spinning fog room in spider man? if i get the anwser i get extra credit.
What's the question, what is the room made out of, what spins, or what is the fog made out of? And what's the extra credit for?
ya in the sewer tunnel. i need to find out what type of fog it is or what they use for the fog. this is for exta credit in science.

There are normally two types of fog machines, chemical (glycol based) and water atomizing. But this one is not a fog machine. It's LN2 and steam. The vapor is drawn off of the liguid in the liquid nitrogen tank. The same effect is in front of the falling building. The LN2 gives it the fog and the steam carries it. It's the same thing used at T2, MIB, Sinbad and Posiedon.

Hope that helps..

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