Space Heaters



This is kind of a disney tip related topic, I need a tip on a space heater.

Leaving in 12 days (1-16-02) for DISNEY and Im gonna leave a heater on in my garage for my dogs (with a door cracked so they can go outside), and I need to know what kind of heater is best. I want one that will go off if accidentally knocked over. And I will have someone come check on my babies too. :)

We usually take them and board them at the TTC kennel, but for our anniversary, we want this trip to be for just us. Which by the way, the TTC is GREAT! :)

Which heater would be best does anyone know?
I believe all new space heaters have (must have) an automatic shutoff if they are tipped over.

Before you carry out your plan, do consider the following:

1. It is not a good idea to leave the dog alone with the heater since fire could be started, (such as from the dog's tail or fur catching fire) without the heater's being tipped over.

2. Raccoons or skunks could come into the garage through the opening you leave for your dog.

You are better off having a friend come over and specifically take the dogs out for their walk, and refill the food and water dishes.

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