Someone, please tell me about Mythos Restaurant.


Feb 9, 2000
I've heard bits and pieces...but would like to know what is so great about this place? What type of food do they serve and how are the prices? I assume I need to make "ressies", but how far in advance should I make them? Thanks again everyone!! :D
Hi Lori,

I searched out a few threads on Mytho's. Happy Reading!

We went to Mythos this past summer. It's very expensive, the food is fancy not for picky eaters. The decor is very nice and different but we wouldn't go back.
My wife and I ate at Mythos on Wed. afternoon. The food was out of this world. They had some facy stuff on the menu, but they also had some traditional fare. We had never eaten there before, so we both played it kind of safe. We had a wild mushroom sampler as an appetizer. She had a wrap with ham and and I had a grilled chicken sandwich. We couldn't have been happier. The view was great (we sat right by the windows), and the decor is excellent. Very good service to boot. We would highly recommend it.
Mythos is the finest restaurant in any theme park anywhere in the world. My family and I were there in October 2000. The service was excellent as was the food. Even the more esoteric menu choices were delicious. As far as the price, I don't think that it was much more expensive than any other "high-end" theme park eatery. Do your self a favor and go. You will be glad you did.


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