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Discussion in 'Non-Disney Online Games' started by disvaclub92, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. disvaclub92

    disvaclub92 <font color=royalblue>Always dreaming about Disney Moderator

    Aug 29, 2000
    As most of you Smallworlds players know, a new release was put out this week which mostly likely will be the last release before launch, based on the information in the on the website.

    I really enjoy this game, enjoyed doing the missions and such. But I do think we as a online gaming community, need to provide our feedback to the Smallworlds Developers since the world has changed since the latest release.

    Please be constructive in your feedback, we are trying to help the game so that some of us can call it home.

    • Economy - This is a problem we see in the real world and now see it in the virtual so not a surprise it is not easy to work and make feasible. Here are some suggestions for earning potential.

    The earning potential was great prior to the release, we did realize and Smallworlds did tell us that the fast past leveling and earning potential would cease after the launch.

    Most virtual games I have played, if you don't keep me busy daily then I am off to find something else to do. We need a consistent means of earning tokens, something we can do daily but also make it worth my while to do it.

    The way the missions were kept me and others really busy, but yes it did get to the point where you only selected a few to do. The weekly missions may force people to find something else to do. I think that if the missions had a forced expiration date, therefore will allow for people to use their creative juices more instead of the daily routine of same missions. Therefore, change the missions from a weekly timeframe to an everyother day time frame, with the mission forced to expire 15 days after it was created. Allows for more challenging missions to be created and continued earning potential.

    If it is possible, have some NPC's give a daily tokens. Like the ghost in Dungeon's, when you are in his presence by 10 meters he gives you 30 tokens. Randomize it! Force people to look for some interaction that will pay them a random amount of tokens. Not sure that is possible but just a thought.
  2. aliceblue

    aliceblue DIS Veteran

    Sep 28, 2006
    I agree; this will make it hard to stay engaged in the game. I think they really miscalculated the attention span of most players.
    Those who specialize in missions would benefit from this arrangement the most, which is fine, but not everyone wants to constantly be making new missions. I'm not sure this would help the majority of players.

    Personally, I would not have much incentive to create a really great mission if I knew it was going to expire after just a couple of weeks; it would feel like a waste of effort and credits.

    Although being able to do a mission every other day would be better than once a week, I think it would still be hard to keep track of which ones are ready to be playable again. Every 24 hours was reasonable, and it gave us a good reason to log in every day, even for a short time. You would think Small Worlds would want that. :confused3
    I really like this idea! Looks like they have some kind of interaction system set up already on a lot of items; I'm guessing this will become active at launch. (Sure wish I knew what those symbols mean.) Adding tokens to the mix would definitely keep players interested.

    Small Worlds created such an amazing mission engine. Putting the ability to earn tokens in our own hands really was the perfect solution, and I can't think of any way to improve that. If they have to make adjustments to the prices of items or the payout of missions, so be it, but I believe the ability for "casual" players to earn tokens daily is crucial.
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  4. disvaclub92

    disvaclub92 <font color=royalblue>Always dreaming about Disney Moderator

    Aug 29, 2000
    Good points Alice, made me think of some other suggestions then. Just thowing ideas, feel free to tweak and add to as feel necessary.

    Split the mission engine into two types of missions. The one I detailed before, while it has an expiration date then incentive is to payout more and also grant the creator a payout as well. More for the person who loves to create missions frequently then not. Work harder but still an incentive for the work.

    Then have the mission engine for the basic mission creator, but yet have an expiration date (maybe a little longer) on it so they just don't linger forever. Not as great a payout as the more challenging mission engine, but still a payout more frequently then the weekly of course.
  5. aengus

    aengus <font color=blue>Official Head VMK Cheerleader!</f

    Feb 27, 2005
    I hadn't really thought of it until Alice posted, but yeah its not easy to know what missions you have done and when.

    Pretty confident they will need a rebalance of their token system before launch.

    On another note, I have heard the more complex missions are giving out big time credits.

    I have to say the numbers were growing and growing before the upgrade, and they are dwindling ever since. Enabling more frequent missions would be a fast way of reversing that trend I bet.
  6. souper

    souper DIS Veteran

    Apr 21, 2006
    I agree they need an economic adjustment. Higher prices and lower income have prevented me from building. Right now I'm have limited missions to play, and not enough tokens to complete a full room. So boredom is setting in.

    A few days ago I ran in to a room owner that was frustrated with the new pay outs on his missions. I explained I got 10 tokens on one of his missions. During our conversation his wife was afk a bit on that same mission, finished it and got around 400. Since then found that when I take my own sweet time completing missions some seem to pay well, not all just some. :rolleyes1

    I would sugest some basic furnishing in the stores at lower more reasonable prices.
    I would suggest a minimum payout on all missions. I play many new missions and quite often you need to play 5-10 new missions just to get the tokens for a cup of virtual coffee. (and that excludes entry fees). Prior to this release I didn't mind trying the new ones so much because I could get tokens by playing my routine list of missions. The new missions spiced up the routine. Now, many of these are the only missions available to play and there is no other way to get tokens.

    As for earning tokens by hosting missions: I tracked # of play counters on my missions one day this past week for several hours. It averaged out to all were played less than once an hour. This included the old original missions and my new World Series Easy Multiple Choice Mission. Some were even played an average of only once every 3 hours.
  7. PrincessNoelle

    PrincessNoelle Jenna Willowblade

    Oct 29, 2006
    I'm with you on this one. They need to give me that "I've got to sign in today to get my daily tokens and see if I have missed anything" feeling or I'll probably stop playing altogether. I like the idea of NPC's giving daily tokens. If it were random, that would put a nice twist to it. Good idea!

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