Skipping Nemo, hoping for shorter lines elsewhere


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May 22, 2003
Anyone else planning this?

Nemo is not my favorite, and while I really enjoyed 20,000 Leagues as a kid, I can't see myself waiting in line over an hour for anything (fastpass has spoiled me).

So I'm planning to not ride Nemo, and hopefully take advantage of everyone being in that line while I'm riding other things. Good idea????
I know how you feel. We are so used to not waiting long for any ride anymore with all the strategies we have aquired over the years. That being said, I really really have to try to ride the subs! It was one of my favorite rides as a kid. All but one of my 5 kids have experienced it, and my 8 year old was born after it closed down.*Were they really closed that long?) My 12year old barely remembers it. My kids are older and if I had younger kids with me I would NOT even try to ride it with the lines that long. Also we have AP's, and live about 6 hours away and if we didn't get to visit the park a few times a year I would not sacrifice the time to ride just one ride.
We leave today, and have pretty much decided since we can't enter the park for EE tomorrow, that we need to try for Friday. We will most likely go straight to the sub ride and just hang in there until we get to ride it. My curiosity will kill me if I don't at least try! We also are going to do the Pirate's Lair. We are going back for New Years, so if we somehow miss the subs we will try again then.
DS and I walked in for a few hours during the middle of th week. Everything was busy from the foods to attractions. I was shocked!!!! Some rides that I did notice that were shorter were the ones in Adventureland/Frontierland but that's about it - about 15-20 minutes.
yeah indy,mansion and pirates were pretty good lines but the park was nuts overall,way too busy for me,had to maneuver all the time or people would just smash right into you

We didn't have long waits at all last week. But then again we had our plan all worked out. Did the Fantasyland rides first, took advantage of fastpass ect.. The most we waited was maybe 20 minutes.

We were able to catch Nemo on our EE day. It's cute, and I can't wait to see it again. But no I wouldn't wait more then an hour for any ride these days either! LOL

I'm sure the crowds are going to get heavier with summer being here now, and the schools all being out. But last week we were able to ride everything with little wait.
yeah overall the crowds didn't seem to match the ride waits,we did most of the fl rides at night(11-12),walked right on a few of them:thumbsup2
We were there Sat (16), Sun and Mon. Saturday was not bad at all, I think some of that may have been the nemo line, it was 3-4 hours most of that day. There were many rides we went on that no one was in line for and I saw no one else on the ride. I had to ask if the rides were open. Some of that was during EE, but we rode pooh later in the day and several DCA rides had the same experience (would never see no line for pooh at the World). I couldn't believe how many rides had no wait at all. I was worried before we left because everyone said the weekends were terribly busy and that is the only days we had. Monday was by far the busiest, but the lines for nemo were not as long. Seemed to be less than 2 hours every time that we went by it. We were able to ride nemo Sunday morning. We were in line before park opening and quickly walked with everyone else to the same spot. Line was already crazy by the time we got there and it was mass confusion. They did not have enough line rope up so noone knew where the line ended. CMs were telling people line formed one way, and if you went that way the next CM told people the line formed the opposite way. It was crazy. We ended up waiting almost an hour, kids did not like the wait. It was really our first line because Saturday really had no waits. It was a cute ride, glad we did it, but would not wait more than an hour for it. So if you are not that into it, I would say skip it.

Nemo draws a lot of people but, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't seem to matter. If you dispersed those people throughout the park to all the restaurants, rides and shows, it would only be a handful for each attraction.

The best time for short lines is when people are staking out their places for fireworks and Fantasmic!.
Anyone else planning this?

Nemo is not my favorite, and while I really enjoyed 20,000 Leagues as a kid, I can't see myself waiting in line over an hour for anything (fastpass has spoiled me).

So I'm planning to not ride Nemo, and hopefully take advantage of everyone being in that line while I'm riding other things. Good idea????

I'm with you. I'll be there Aug. 2, 3, & 7, (the 3rd is the only full day), and I'm not spending (=wasting) hours in line for one attraction. There's just way too much to do, and too little time to do it for that.:sad2:
We rode Nemo three times last week with a little over one hour wait each time. We just got in line at the end of the night before park closing. If you are in line they let you stay. The cast members have it all streamlined to get the group through as quickly as possible. We enjoyed the ride - I don't know how they came up with the great ideas that they had! It is very entertaining. And you really do feel that you are submerging...
Rode it in the early evening on Wendesday with a 90 minute wait. Not bat at all considering it was around 2 to 2 1/2 hours every other time I checked. The only rides with 60 minute waits were Splash and Space other notable rides like Indy, Matterhorn, Thunder, Pirates were short around 30 minutes.
Has anyone noticed whether the nemo line goes down around parade time? This is our first trip to DLR, but whenever we go to WDW, we find the best time to ride ANYTHING is during parades or fireworks... just wondering if the same is true at DLR.
We rode Nemo twice last week. We arrived in the park about 10 p.m. and went straight to Nemo. We waited an hour and a half, but we were so excited after our drive, and it was the first time seeing all the construction walls down around the ride. We listened to the band play at Club Buzz and enjoyed our wait in line. It was cool, so I am sure that made a difference too. The ride actually broke down briefly so our wait would have been even shorter. The line MOVED constantly so we didn't stand still long, and during the breakdown it was only 10 minutes of the line at a stand still.

We rode Nemo again first thing in the morning. Our wait was a bit over an hour. Of course we had to wait at the front gate since 8 a.m., then was let in at 8:30 a.m. to wait at the rope. Rope drop was at 9 so our morning ride took a little longer in total wait time than our evening ride. Another thing we noted...we saw more on the ride during the day!

There is NO way I would wait in that line in the middle of the day in the heat. They have umbrella's covering most of the line, but still it was pretty warm during the day. I am good until the lines die down now. Something we found very interesting was that there is a handicapped accessable viewing room! A cast member explained that you can sit with your family in the room and see exactly what the guests riding the subs see without actually having to leave your wheelchair to get on the ride. We plan to take a friend soon that is non transferable wheelchair wise, so that is something we will definitely check out on a later trip!
we went to disneyland last wednesday. we walked right on winnie the pooh, it's a small world, pirates was only a 5 minute wait, haunted mansion about a 5 minute wait, star tours and buzz light year were between 5 and 10 minutes. casey jr, teapots, storybook were about 10-15 minutes.

30-80 minute waits on splash mountain, space mountain, indiana jones, matterhorn and peterpan.
We are planning to ride the subs. But if the wait ends up at 90 minutes, we'll simply try it another day. If at the end of our trip we still haven't been able to ride, at that time, we'll determine whether it's worth the line.


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