Shuttle vs. Parking?


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Jan 10, 2001
We will be staying at an off-site hotel. Most likely we will be renting a car because the shuttle and cab fare is just as high as renting a car for two days. Anyway, I'd like to know if it is better to drive and park at Universal or is it easier to just take a shuttle from the hotel? Are there certain drop off and pick up times? I've also read that it is a long walk from the parking garage to the entrance.

Thanks in advance.
I've driven to Orlando in my own car and have used the shuttle services of various hotels. I, personally, HATE driving so don't mind suffering a little inconvenience just so someone else can drive for me, but it is MUCH more convenient to have your own car on your own schedule. I remember hustling to catch a shuttle after getting involved in the Animal Actors show and actually running a marathon to the entrance of the park....NOT fun.

There is a looooong haul from the park to the garage, so be prepared.


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