Should I book easter week now?


DIS Veteran
Mar 21, 2005
We want to stay the week before easter, probably at POR. Should I book now? I Know some changes are coming June 23 to bookings for next year. Will it make a difference if I book today?
What kind of changes are coming June 23.

We stayed at POR during Easter and it was sold out, but it was very quiet. You would have never known it.

Otherwise I would wait to see what changes there are. And, I waited for a code or special, and the only thing that came out was booking your vacation by AAA was a tad cheaper, but not much.
The changes coming are that you may be paying more for weekends and if your vacation starts in value season and ends in say regular, you will not get value rates for the whole stay. It will be day by day. That's all I know. There may be more. You can find other posts here about it or on Deb's unofficial site.
We like booking early. I don't think that it matters. Last year, we booked a month's notice. In '04 when we went, we booked about 9 months before we left.


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