should I be worried?

whois figment

Sep 4, 2001
I canceled RPR to move to HRH. Everything was fine they told me to call accounting to get deposit transferred. I then call accounting 6 times leaving 3 messages. They return my call at my work number on Sunday stating they needed more information. I call them this morning and they tell me thay have already issued a refund it was issued this morning not a real big deal. The person in accounting did not want to take a credit card deposit from me and told me they have my credit card number and the room is guaranteed not to worry about it. From what I was originally told I thought you had to have a one night deposit to hold a room at the resort. She assured me that my reservation was fine but is this something I should worry about?
I think you should call back and request a copy of your confirmation be emailed or faxed to you. I would be leary since
they refunded your deposit already. If you get that confirmation
letter--you will be all set!!! It seems some reservationists are
more knowledgable than others. I have gotten 2 different
responses to the same question just by talking to another reservationist. Good Luck!!
Well I guess I don't have to worry anymore. They just went ahead and charged the debit card I made the original reservation with. I am glad that I know I have the room booked but I am a little concerned to see them charge my card when I did not authorize it.
I know how you feel. When I made my reservation for RP way
back in March (hard to believe we will arrive their Friday) they
told me my credit card would immediately be billed for 1 night
stay. They didn't charge my credit card until May!!!!


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