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    Aug 2, 2014
    Hey everyone :wave:

    I've been reading these boards since January when I decided on a DFTW for April 2018. Everyone's experiences and opinions have been so helpful.. especially during the initial planning phase of deciding on a ceremony and reception location.

    Anyway, to make a long story short I was pretty disappointed with the reception venue I ended up with. I initially wanted Living Seas but my consultant told me there were multiple couples wanting this venue, so I decided to pick something else since I really didn't like it that much. Next I wanted ADH, but it was blocked for a convention. Then it was the GM Lounge, but my consultant told me they weren't booking any weddings for my time frame. Then it was Yacht Club ballroom (I like the decor in those), but you guessed it.. blocked for convention! So I ended up with a ballroom at the Contemporary... meh.. I started researching my options for draping the room!!

    Well Thursday I got an email from my wedding event manager that my request ended up getting approved for the GM Lounge above Test Track!!! Eeekkkk!!! :woohoo:I'm still over the moon about the change!!!

    To all future Disney brides, if you end up in a spot that was your third, fourth or even fifth choice don't lose hope!! Locations can free up before your wedding! :thumbsup2

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