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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by MayMom, Dec 16, 2006.

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    This isn't my idea - it belongs to a friend of mine who was tired of spending money on greeting cards at birthdays for her immediate family...she decided to begin a tradition of "birthday books." She purchased small lined notebooks about the size of a greeting card with plastic covers (for durability through the years). She then made a label that said, "XXX's Birthday Book" for herself, her husband and each of her 4 sons and placed it on the front. Then every year each member of her family writes a special message inside the birthday boy (or girl's) book. My friend's 50th birthday party was this week and when she pulled out her worn-out birthday book, we all were so touched by the messages inside. One in particular from her 17 year old said "Dear Mom, You make 50 look GOOD....I love you so much. Dan" We were each asked to write in her book for her "special" birthday. She said she reads back through the birthday messages and it is one of the best parts of her day......her children are only allowed to get their books out on their special day.

    I was so touched by this idea that I am going to begin this tradition for my family this Christmas. I will start a "XXX's Christmas Book" for each of my children, my husband and myself.....I thought I would share this really special idea with all of you...Merry Christmas!
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    I do something similar to this for my dd's. Every year on their birthday I take 3 or 4 pieces of computer paper and tie it together with ribbon. On the front I put "Birthday Messages to (whichever DD) on her (whatever age she is) birthday". I also put a picture of whatever theme we are doing for the birthday. Like one year we had gone to Six Flags just a few months before DD's 3rd birthday and she fell in love with Tweety "DUCK" (Tweety Bird, but that is what she called it.) So I had a really good picture of her and Tweety Bird that I put on the front of it.

    I take them after the party and put it in their memory boxes so they will have them for years to come. When they turn 18 I will put them all together in a binded book so they can keep it forever!!
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    I like that idea a lot! :)

    I had tried to do a form of scrapbooking for each special occasion. I bought books that were expandable and "planned" to put a special picture and comment for everyone for each occasion and each of the books. I did one picture each a year ago. :crazy:

    The idea you gave is much more doable for me. Maybe I can include a picture every now and then. :) Thanks for sharing!
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    ohh you sould share this on the christmas tradition board I like it and think I will use it also.


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