Run to your local Value City!


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Aug 19, 1999
I just came back from Value City and I purchased disney store beannies for 20 cents a piece! That's right 20 cents! They were on clearance for $1.90 and they were having 90% off all clearance. I was able to buy Maleficent, Marry Popins, Cruela, Mulan, Iago, Zazu, Alladin, Genie, and Rex. They had some other characters also but I thought I better stop.

These will be great gifts for our August trip. We are taking my best friend and her DS who have never been and I have started stocking up on suprises.

Happy Shopping!

Disney IS a Life Skill!

Thank you!!!!!

I don't live anywhere near a Value City, but I know my sister back in Ohio has one near her. I emailed her your post, and she just called.

She said that here Value City had all sorts of stuff. If was "only" marked 75% off the last price, but it had been marked down to 50 cents first! She said she got all sorts of beanies for 13 cents each as well as tigger golf tees, wallets, etc. (I am not sure the price on those, but similar bargains). She said she even got enough beanies for my 2 year olds next birthday party to give as favors! We are going to Disney in April and Oct., and these things will make great gifts for my 2 year old (who is in love with the pooh characters) as well as great gifts for the adults too!

Thank you again for sharing (and thanks to my sister!!), without your post, I wouldn't have known.

I'm glad someone was able to get these deals also.
I have been buying Disney store merchandise at Value City for the past 6 months. My local store is becoming bare so I think I need to take a trip to Columbus to find more. ;)

Disney IS a Life Skill!


I don't know where St. Louisville is, but her store was in Boardman (outside of Youngstown). I have a feeling that she probably cleaned it out !!!

Thanks Again!!


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