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Feb 2, 2001
We're are staying at the Hard Rock Hotel for one night in the week between Christmas and New Years (yes, I know I plan early)before we go on to Disney. I saw on these boards that by that time, the hotel room key will most likely serve as your front of the line pass. Does anyone know whether this will be true for the day you check out? That is, when we check out in the morning, will we be able to use the key for that entire day? I know this procedure hasn't started yet but I thought some of you who work at Universal might be in the know about this. Thanks
Your key should work with no problem on the day you leave. The first time I stayed at the HRH we checked out in the morning and our key worked for the parking lot at the HRH for the rest of the day with no problem.
I did the same as Beckles! We were able to keep the key as it is personalized with your name when we checked out. :)

If i'm thinking right..

It's an electronic key-card system. The hotels have dozen of the cards, and they just scan them and assign them a room to open. If you're sharing a room with more than one person, a fun and cruel joke to play is to go to the desk and ask for a new card saying you lost yours. It voids out the first 2-3 cards they assigned with the same code. I've gotten revenge on more than one un-polite roomie on school trips this way :)

Yeah, I have a whole stack of 'em now (slight exaggeration ... 2 stays at HRH and 1 at PBH).

I noticed on my last trip though a few gate attendants actually checked the dates on the key, first time I have seen that ....
With the thought of things you're not supposed to do but can get away with cuz it doesn't really effect the other guests and therefor I see no problem with it *breathes* I had another recollection of one of my trips..

Ever play Hotel Elevator Tag?

Required for game:

Glass elevators (2 or more prefered, opposites ends of hotel with large open space between works quite well, as long as from inside the elevator you can see all of the "playing space" levels.)

Running Shoes.

How to Play:

Remember, you can't upset any of the other guests or staff of the hotel. Screaming and other game-noise is to be kept at a minimum, especially after certain hours, in which the game is to played in Stealth mode. The object is to have 2 small "teams" (singular players against one another works, but with more than 2 parties playing it gets difficult to keep track) I team is assigned to "evade" and the other to "capture." Now the fun begins.

The object of course is to catch or avoid being caught.

Other hotel guests and staff who enter the elevator with you get first say on button pushing. No more than a 3-button command may be entered at any given time (I'll explain their strategical purpose later) Closing the door on hotel guests is a serious foul and the team doing so will be declared the automatic losers.

All levels of the Hotel are allowed, but majority of playing time must be in plain-sight from elevators. No hiding allowed, unless teams are on the same floor at the same time. Balcony railing is to never, I repeat, NEVER, to be gone over.

Hotel Staircases are acceptable playing area, though you may only traverse one flight of stairs at a time, after which you must return to the playing field and either continue with elevators or travel field to another flight of stairs.

Hotel Lobby and ground-floor is the forbidden zone. All players found within will be automatically disqualified.

Maids and Baggage clerks are to be treated courteously. Riding on maid kart and/or baggage rack is only allowed with permission of handler. Walking is required within 10ft of all hotel staff, or any snooty looking guests. Any players found reprimanded by hotel staff will be automatically disqualified.


If a hotel has more than elevators in pairs, you can taunt the other side by riding up and down past them and waving through the glass.

Pre-programming of elevators may be done, for example, entering the elevator while it is traveling down, a player could exit at the 4th floor, send it down to the ground floor, and then catch a flight of stairs to catch it again on the 6th floor when it starts back up again.


Avoid getting vertigo, do no look over 8th floor railing :P

Okay, everyone have fun :)

The phrase "get a life" ring a bell?
..I go on my vacations to have fun, not take pictures of garbage at Universal so I can criticize it on message boards..

I also had to provide extensive proof that I don't in any way disturb any other guests of the staff. I know you don't appreciate that, seeing as how most people think other guests are people who get in the way of their multiple-rides and that the staff was put on the earth to provide for your pleasure and no one elses, but that's not the way most of the rest of the world thinks.


I pity your sad little boring lives.


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