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Nov 14, 2022
Doing my research there is a ton of available data to help make a decision.

I have not seen data on the time period it takes for specific room sizes to be reserved beyond statements that studios fill up quickly

Do they track the vacancy rate time frame by room size at each resort? Is that data available?

I read that at some resorts it is difficult to get a studio even at 11 months. Being able to compare this reservation rate/time frame would be helpful


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Nov 15, 2008
There are private sites that track some of that info….some which can’t be discussed on the DIS. We don’t have such a tool here though.

Reminder to everyone, if you want to share info from elsewhere, post the link. Do not post hints or ways to Google it, which includes key words to search.

In general, SSR, AKV..outside of the value and CL rooms…and OKW last the llngest, and your near park resorts with lower point charts and views…BLT SV, BWV SW, and RIV SV…tend to go the fastest.


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Feb 25, 2002
One thing to remember is that over the life of the contract, its possible that some patterns will change. For instance, 20 years ago we bought planning a fall trip at BWV in October. At that time, Food and Wine didn't start until later. Right after we bought, F&W was pushed back, and getting standard view units for F&W became harder. Then studios got MUCH more difficult to book - in part because the buy in minimums were lowered and for a time you could get a "blue card" by buying 50 points - so people bought for studios at BWV and BCV for Food and Wine. Now, Food and Wine runs pretty much from September to Thanksgiving and getting ANY studio at eleven months (which means any two bedroom at eleven months) at BWV can be spotty.


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Oct 18, 2015
And BCV and BWV get harder each time a new resort opens. They are two of the most popular to switch into at 7 months if available.

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Jul 2, 2021
Just remember things got VERY wonky during Covid closures and in the year after and some charts still reflect some wonkiness depending on when they were done.

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