Romantic Dinner


Dec 6, 2000
HI! My boyfriend and I are going to WDW in August.We have planned our itinerary with one day to relax. If nothing comes up before then, I'd like to plan a romantic dinner and evening. What should I do?

Hi my husband and I had a very expensive but Romantic dinner at Citrico's. It is inside the GF
Must say it was very pricy. We also had dinner on another trip at Artisian Point in the Wilderness lodge. I think I liked that best. On this trip we didn't do anything fancy but did have breakfast in the castle and I really wanted to have dinner there! The space is smaller to give it a more intimate feel and something about it just had that magical feeling!
Go over to the resturant board. they have lots of information~!

I would choose a nice restaurant at Epcot or the Boardwalk, then take a nice stroll down the International Gateway walk (It's incredibly beautiful at night, and usually very peaceful - not too crowded) ending up watching the Epcot Illuminations together. You can also consider one of the Illuminations cruises. If you want a more intimate setting for dinner try the French restaurant at Epcot, or if you want something more adventurous try the Moroccan or if you feel convivial try the Tepanyaki Dining Halls.



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