Rise of the Resistance BOARDING GROUPS Superthread Part 1 *No Ride Spoilers Please* *PLEASE READ POSTS 1-4*

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  • heathpack

    Jan 9, 2003
    I would like to read that script to see what they are telling guests and how they are setting those low expectations without angering them lol.
    We checked in to Grand Californian today too. No scripted comments. Maybe a little chit chat about Rise but nothing that felt like an attempt to manage expectations.


    Jan 9, 2003
    Our data points:

    Arrived VGC at 6am, checked in & parked, hit up DTD Starbucks and were to DL gates at 6:30am.

    At 7am, we each in turn walked over to DCA and entered the park, then returned to the DL line. Booked a couple of fast passes.

    Entered DL around 7:15ish. Found a bench up by the train station to wait.

    Did all the “correct” procedures- up-to-date version on the app, nothing else running, hard reset of the phone, close out of the app, reopen app, etc. At 8am, neither husband nor I (both logged into my account) got a red button. This is what I’d experienced practicing at home and generally I find my version of the app to be very slow. We both have older I Phones and mine doesn’t have much space left on it.

    I closed the app and reopened it, nada zip grey button. Husband was kvetching to a sympathetic bystander when his button went red and we got boarding group 91.

    We were called up a little before 5pm, entered the queue at 5:02 and were done riding around 6pm. The ride was worth the effort.

    We arrived yesterday around 3pm, stayed one night at the Fairfield Inn before checking into the Grand today. We check out tomorrow. It’s been great- non crowded and we rode everything and must have grabbed 10 fast passes today, sweet.

    We’re going to try for a boarding group tomorrow but if we get a high number we may not stick around for it, today was a bit grueling and we’d like to get home at a decent hour. As I understand it you can transfer BG to someone else so if there’s a party of two who will be around tomorrow and might want a late boarding group, message me. No promises we’ll give it up, it’s somewhat going to depend on how we feel tomorrow.
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