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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Tiziminchac, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Tiziminchac

    Tiziminchac <font color=blue>I always travel with my George Fo

    Feb 14, 2004
    Yesterday, 4/28/04, my best friend, his dd, and I went to AK for a day trip. At the end of the day, as the park closed, we had problem deciding what to do for dinner. As we all know AK has only one table service restaurant. The Rain Forest Cafe. We have eaten there several times, together and separately. I have nothing against the place. Good food and service. Been there, done that. You know? I have to admit that I really don't understand Disney's thinking on this. When you think about EPCOT having 14 full service restaraunts and AK only having one it doesn't make sense. But that's another thread. Sorry, I'm just making a short story long!

    Anyway, it was 5:30 or so (the park closed at 5p.m.) and RFC was packed so we decided to eat else where. I recommended the Maya Grill at nearby CSR. My friend was against this because he felt he'd feel out of place coming fresh from the park. We were all dressed in T-shirts and shorts. Our usual park garb. It wasn't like I wanted to go to Victoria & Albert's. We ended up eating offsite before we drove home.

    Does anyone think we would have been made to feel uncomfortable eating at one of the resort restaurants dressed this casually? Personally I don't think so, especially at such an early hour. I even offered to buy dinner for the three of us, but to no avail. So what do you think? (I ended up paying anyway, just at Red Lobster!):rolleyes:

    P.S. We had lunch at Tusker House Restaurant and Bakery. There's not much to review but if anyone wants one I'll write it up.
  2. Lisa loves Pooh

    Lisa loves Pooh DIS Veteran

    Apr 18, 2004
    If the restaurant has a dress code...ala V & A...then you should follow it--otherwise WDW is well aware that guess often come straight from the parks into the if the ladies were in bikini tops--then I could sense the discomfort.

    EPCOT is a good example.

    My guess AK only has one restaurant is that it does close early--and it is mostly that guests will just eat lunch there and do their dinner plans elsewhere.

    EPCOT is extreme on the fine dining---they even sell an AP for EPCOT so that people can just go for dinner.

    Anyway--I am not familiar with Maya Grill--but CSR is a convention resort for disney--if that is the sitdown place--then she might have felt out of place with business folks having their meals (but not breaking any rules though). If it was the a la carte place (again, can't recall the name) would have been no biggie.
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  4. disney queen

    disney queen DIS Veteran

    Mar 25, 2000
    theme park chic is accepted just about anywhere on disney property. we all know V&A has a dress code and other restaurants have "suggested" dress, but in the end, you are at a theme park and shorts and T-shirts are to be expected.:tongue:
  5. stinkerbelle

    stinkerbelle In a #10 sort of way?<br><font color=green>Sometim

    Oct 27, 2002
    yep! exactly!

    I ate at the California Grill in my grumpy sweat shirt and jean was a suprise meal for my Bday that DH planned...if I had known we were going right from MK to CG...i would have asked to go back to the resort to change.

    I personally felt under-dressed...but I was still treated to top-level service. And, looking around, some people were dressed up, some were in park attire!
  6. lissawynn

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    Dec 17, 2002
    I think CG is an excellent example of how anything (almost) goes as far as dress is concerned. I know they tell you you're not supposed to wear halter tops? (I think) when you call for your PS.
    I have been there several times and you will find people who are very well-dressed and also those who've just come from the parks in their shorts and t-shirts.
    I like to hit somewhere in the middle. Nice top, capris, nice shoes, etc. We usually make our PS a little later so we have time to shower and change.
  7. sconnell

    sconnell DIS Veteran

    Apr 2, 2004
    Having grown up in a resort area, not near Disney, but off of the GA coast, I would have to agree with the other posters. I think this goes for any resort area; there are many places that we would eat for a special occasion or after a long day. Our attire would reflect our occasion. As long as there are no dress codes or the outfit in question wouldn't be questioned in the parks (lude or grubby) I think you would be fine. Although, I understand a quick freshening up.
  8. sugermouse

    sugermouse <b> Would eat all meals at Tepanyaki as long as th

    Mar 24, 2004
    One of the great things about DW is that with few exceptions, you can go and have a great meal wearing anything you want and no one cares!
  9. crisi

    crisi DIS Veteran

    Feb 25, 2002
    Well, almost no one....

    And we will assume that you aren't in sweaty stinky didn't use deodorant in 98 degree heat park attire.

    The thing with Disney is that most people tend to dress pretty nice for the parks - after all the camera is out. So its pretty easy to move from the parks to all but the fanciest Disney restaurant. If you are the type of person to worry about what you are wearing to dinner, you probably aren't dressed in a tank top last used to change the oil in the car and not subsequently washed and a pair of cut offs anyway.
  10. Tiziminchac

    Tiziminchac <font color=blue>I always travel with my George Fo

    Feb 14, 2004
    This was my point of view too.

    Thank you to all of you for your posts. It wasn't like we were sweaty and reeking. As a matter of fact, it wasn't all that hot yesterday:sunny:. And as far as I know, this particular restaurant has no dress code. Maybe he was just making excuses because he was tired and it's a hassel driving over there and all. I'm going to show my friend this thread. No one is gonna laugh at his boney white legs!

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