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Aug 11, 2001
I have requested a few things and some are for medical reasons due to nephew coming with us and he is sound sensative such as being away from the dance hall, being on the fifth floor and having the rooms together. We did not know that he was coming on our 4/15 trip untill last month which is when I made the requests. How has anyone made out getting what they asked for?

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I've stayed at BWV twice and once got what we wanted and once didn't. The first time I requested Boardwalk view, top floor. Got quiet pool, top floor. Boardwalk view is probably the #1 request for preferred view, I thought we had a good chance since I made the reservation right at 11 months, but no. The second time we had standard view, I requested near the tennis courts and we got it - we were on the corner above the pond (tennis courts around the corner). I don't think that is a popular request so I'm not surprised we got it.

I would suggest sending a fax 5 days before arrival explaining your nephew's medical needs. Away from the Dance Hall shouldn't be a problem, but getting rooms together can sometimes be difficult.
It seems the earlier you check in the better your chances for getting your requests. Since we're on the west coast, we've decided to stay offsite our first night just to avoid the "late check-in dregs"!
We're two for two. Always make simple requests at the 11 month mark. Close to elevator and non-smoking. There was a post by a room assigner that DVC requests are filled based on when the ressie was made. So faxing or getting there early may not play into getting your requests.
hi: our requests aren't usually too specific (non-smoking, top floor) and boardwalk view if we make our ressies 11 months out. we've never had the bw view, but have had the other requests granted. when i did ask for 3 rooms close to each other for a little "family" vacation, it didn't work that well; but i only added the other 2 rooms at about 4 months out. we were all on the 5th floor though. i think you'll be okay with your nephew's sound sensitivity if you keep your doors closed and your neighbors aren't too noisy.
We had a BW view 5th floor which was very noisy when the Dance halls closed at 2am. I requested NS close to the elevators. When we checked in the CM said "great you got your requests!" Well, the room was NS but not close to the elevators at all, we went down at least two long corridors and half way down another!
I would definitely make your request now and state medial reasons. Your room confirmation should state your requests and list medical necessity. At least when I make 1st floor request for my ECV that is how my confirmation comes.
Good luck.
I would make sure the cast member notes the requests are because of medical needs. We didn't make that clear enough on our first visit. I was 7 1/2 months pregnant and after a day in the EPCOT it was a very long walk to our room - two doors from the end of the furthest hall on the 5th floor. When we returned this time (I was about 6 weeks further from my due date this time) we were clear about why we made our request and we were easily accomodated.
We're 1 for 2 with our requests. Both were to be close to the elevator (std. view 2 bedrooms both times). The first trip we were thrilled with the location; the second time we were as far from the elevator as possible. We phoned the front desk and they moved us to another room (which brings up the question - if there was another room <u>available</u> and <u>closer</u> - why weren't we given that room in the first place?). Both check-ins were early afternoon, and both sets of reservations were made day-by-day at the 11 month mark. You win some, you lose some. :) ;) :)

My advice would be to emphasize the medical necessity (which may not help with asking the rooms be adjacent to each other) <u>or</u> prepare your family now for the possibility that the requests may not be met. That way if it works out - great, but if not, it won't be a major issue that could possibly start your vacation off on a sour note. Good luck :) :) :)

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