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Feb 10, 2001

I did not question Earl on any other issue than FOTL. I have the right too based upon what I learned and regardless of how long he has been here doesn't change what I learned.

Second, you don't know me well enough to make any comments on me beyond the FOTL and what might be likely had things not gone the way they are going now. Feel free to ask, but don't go making derogartory assumptions about me until you really know me via long term post reading here.

Mom, it does not matter how much time I have. 5 minutes, hours or days, its my time and how I spend it is my business. If I am willing to use some of it to pursue a situation that I perceive to be not in my best interest as a consumer, then I shall do it. Should I begin questioning you on how you spend yours?

Its amazing. I stick to topic and and it seems so many others here want to rush to judgment on me personally or make brash and foolish assumptions that had no relation to the topic. Many of you need to stop tossing stones in glass houses.

Your perfectly welcome to criticize my stand on this issue and how I perceive Earl's reaction to it, but to go beyond that and wonder about other things completely unrelated is silly and rather rude.

I will have a good time. That was never in question. But I just happen to be one of those individuals in this country that will not lay down and take what is doled out to me if it isn't right in any particular situation. By the way, I work in a field where you have to be the most consumer oriented as possible, so I don't come to this table a stranger.

Good day all and I look forward to continue reading and learning.

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Aug 20, 1999
FOTL discussion has gone far enough already. Before anyone can reply and drag out the FOTL discussion forever, I am locking this thread. Please let this post be the end of the debate!

Thank you.


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