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Jan 28, 2001
My family and I are just back from a week at Ft. Wilderness, and I was wondering if anyone else felt the same as we did about their refillable mug policy. First of all, we pay $9.95 for a mug. The other resorts that I visited, were only $8.95. They all had free access to a good assortment of hot and cold drinks any time of the day or night. True, we could help ourselves to the hot beverages in the morning, but when we wanted a cold drink, we had to ask a waitress, and they acted like we were putting them out. Why didn't we have the option of serving ourselves, and why do we pay more. Did anyone else take notice of this or am I overacting?



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Aug 17, 1999
We've had our refillable mugs for a few years and we've never had problems getting them filled. The servers are always very nice about it! That's too bad that you weren't treated as nice.

It would be nice though if they would put pop machines out where we could serve ourselves though. Maybe they will someday.

- Rhonda :-)
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Aug 27, 1999
I would imagine (just a guess) that guests who stay at FWC enjoy much longer average stays and return more frequently than typical guests at other WDW resorts. That may explain the higher initial cost... people get more use out of those FW mugs!

As for not having self-service... that may be another way of constraining people's use of the mugs. Even many fast food places now have self-sevice soft drinks! They ought to be polite about it though - it's an offered and paid-for service.


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May 8, 2001
I felt the same way as you re: refillables at FW. The service at the hotels is offered all day while at FW they are closed mid morning and mid afternoon. I understand that some campers stay longer, but the cost shouldn't be higher, especially since they aren't open as much.

I didn't find that they were rude when I asked for the refills, but I felt like I was inconveniencing them. Filling up the mugs is definitely an extra thing for them to have to do, especially when they are already seating people and cashing out the checks, etc. At least the coffee was self service, but again, sometimes they weren't open early enough (EE days) for me to use the service.

I still found it to be a good deal!

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