Refillable mugs?


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Nov 18, 2000
I keep reading about the refillable mugs available in the disney resorts. Are similar mugs available at the parks. I seem to remember seeing some on my last visit.

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Simliar style mugs are at the parks but they are sold as souvenir mugs and are not refillable.


Hi TracyK

The only experience I had with a souvenir mug outside of the resorts was at Blizzard Beach.

I had purchased a large souvenir cup a couple of years back and had brought it with me a couple of years later. When I went to get my lunch at LottaWatta Lodge, I brought my huge cup with me and they did refill it - it wasn't free, but it certainly was at a reduced rate - lower than the regular drinks. Still a bit of savings!! I was happy!!

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How I wish they had the refillable mugs at the parks!!! I'm a big Diet Coke drinker but just couldn't bring myself to pay the asking price! I do get mugs at the resorts and this helps a lot. But if I could get a mug at the parks, I'd LOVE it!!! LOL Or even if I could buy one of their souvenier mugs and get refills at reduced prices!!

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Just outside most if not all the parks are soda machines selling 20 oz. bottles for $1.00 as of March 2000, the best beverage deal in WDW outside of re-fillables. In the parks WATER is $2.00 or so, not that I've ever paid that for it.

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That is quite a bargain!!! The pop machines in the parking lots at 6 Flags Ohio were $2.75 this past summer!!! No WAY that I would pay that much!!! I take my water bottle and refill at fountains and bathrooms. Pop is a treat for me. :)

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