Refillable Mugs????


Aug 10, 2000
I got a refillable mug from Dixie Landings last year and wondered if I can use the mug this year??? I know the name has changed but was wondering if the mug can be reused if it has the Dixie name. Please Help. Thanks
I'm sure you can. We always re-use our "old" mugs from previous trips and have NEVER been hassled about it.
I plan on bringing mine with me in May to use again (for the fourth time!).
For the fourth year on a row!! DH says not to be so cheap and buy new ones....I tell him you waste your $9 bucks and I'll save them to buy something else!! and you know what?? HE will be the first one to ask for the mugs when we get there, I know because it happened before!


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