redeemed at what?


DIS Veteran
Feb 5, 2001
A few months ago changed its redemption options through mypoints. Now, you cash out for a $25 gift certificate. Mypoints sends you a special code and when you get that code, you go to the website directly and select which kind of gc you would like to receive. I cashed out on Dec. 7th. On Dec. 30th, my status was changed from "pending" to "shipped'. I'm a little confused. How can they ship me anything when all they need to send me is a code?? Anyone know?
If it's anything like how it works for Webcertificates, that "shipped" status means that your name was taken from the "pending approval" list and placed on the "approved" list. In other words, all your points were legitimate and they are requesting that send you a code. It may take up to 3 weeks after if changes to "shipped" for you to actually get the code.
Thanks so much for the clarification!!! That makes sense. I'll post when I get the code. Thanks again!


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