Realistically, how are crowds/heat 3rd week in June??


Feb 9, 2000
I am hoping EVERYONE will be visiting WDW instead of US/IOA... yeah I know...fat chance!! :D But, seriously... has anyone been this time of year (day after fathers day) We will at least be staying at HRH for 4 nts...hopefully that will help us a little bit on the long lines!! What about the there lots of it this time of year?? Sorry for so many ?'s, but I really need to know what to expect!! THANKSABUNCH!! :D
Hi, we were then fathers day weekk two years ago. Very hot and crowded at US/IOA. Go early in the morning. then, go back to hotel to rest in aft. Crowds were really thick between l0 and 3. Expect late aft. thundershowers usually.
We went around this time and it rains almost every afternoon or night...not to worry...if it doesn't thunder then the rollercoasters will run. If it rains slap on a poncho and ride it out..its worth it cuz lines quickly diminish after a 5 rides in the rain on The Hulk....very fun. Can be hot and humid but those air-conditioned lines are great...your welcome for the info! :D




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