Re-upgrade a 3 day Universal pass?


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Apr 29, 2000
Hi everyone,
Have a question just hope i can explain what i mean. We went to universal in Jan and had 3 day passes and used 2 of the 3 days. Now we are going back in August and will need 2 days admission.If we buy just a single day admission i realize we wont have hopping privileges that day so my question is, can i get credit for the 1 day i have left and then buy a new 2 day pass? Has anyone done this? Appreciate your responses. thanks :)

Interesting question...

Usually, upgrades are to the next level ticket, like a one-day ticket to a two-day ticket. I would inquire with Guest Relations. My thinking is that they can credit unused days to a new pass.


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Good Advice Barry, i will check it out at Guest services and hopefully i will remember to post it here for anyone that might have that question in the future! Have a great day everyone.

I found myself in this position on my last trip. I had a 3 day pass with 1 day left. I knew I needed two days at the parks. I went to the regular ticket counter and tried to explain that I wanted to put another day on my ticket. The girl looked at me like I was nuts and suggested I try guest services. So, off I went to guest services. I again explained what I needed and the guest relations employee just smiled and said, "No Problem!". She was able to exchange my 3 day pass for a new 2 day pass. She even noticed that my old ticket had been issued at the AAA rate and asked if I had my card. I explaine that my parents were actually the AAA members so, No I didn't have a card. She just smiled and gave me the discounted price anyway. I thought that was pretty great.



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