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Jun 19, 2002
Does anyone have any experience with the Rainsoft full home water system. We had someone come this evening that tested our water, who was of course selling something, this water system that treats all the water in the house. His water test was quite impressive, even water going through the under sink filter failed all his tests.

The package they are selling is $6,000, but it includes them supplying all cleaning type supplies for a year(not only jome cleaning, but soap, shampoo, etc), we just had to give 12 referals.

Is this really some sort of scam or is this really worth it, from the water test point of view I can't see how it's a losing situation.
We have it. The actual rainsoft is GREAT. If you are going to buy it, you would do better to save and buy it outright. It makes your hair feel like it still has soap in it because the water is SO soft. When we have guests they always ask what's the deal with the shower because they couldn't get the shampoo out of their hair. :cool1:
Those systems are way overpriced. We had a Rainsoft demo in our house several years ago. We too loved all of the things they showed us. Then we went to Lowe's and bought a WaterBoss for $600. We installed it ourselves and fill it with salt about once every 6 to 8 weeks. Our water tastes wonderful, leaves our skin wonderfully soft, and does everything else the Rainsoft guy promised - for a fraction of the cost.

For more info, see http://www.waterboss.com/

We have a Rainsoft and we like it. If I had the choice again I wouldn't buy it. Nothing wrong with it, it was just really expensive. I think we paid around $4200. We got a bunch of soap/cleansers for "free" and we still have some of them--we've had it for 3 years now. But, we have to pay $150 once a year for the guy to come and install a new water filter. I remember the salesperson saying how much we would save on cleaning products by having a rainsoft (we wouldn't need to use conditioner--yeah right--never bought that line for a second). But, the $150 more than covers the amount that we would spend on those products. Plus, we have to buy the potassium. Don't get me wrong it's a great product, but I wonder if a regular water softener would have been just as good.
Wow! $150 per year for a filter change? :earseek: That makes me even HAPPIER that we have the Waterboss. Aside from the initial purchase and the bags of salt (very cheap) we have not spent one dime on the system since installing it 7 years ago. We probably spend around $50 per year on the salt.
Agree with Tina. You can get a soft water system and a separate reverse osmosis system under your kitchen sink for less than $2000. With my reverse osmosis tank, I have to pay $125 annual maintenance charge (change small tank and some carbon filters). I would look into other companies, because they do water tests too. The one I went with did a grain test to determine the hardness of the water. I have nasty well water lol! so I needed a soft water system.


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