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I just want to know what can a family of five plan on paying for the total meal. My three kids are not big eaters can they share meals? Are the meals big enough for adults to share? Is the price cheap enough that we won't need to share? Went to their site but could not find prices. Any help would be appreciated.
Here is a Menu hope this helps. http://www.wdwig.com/menu/menu_rfcak.htm

Thank you for the site link. Doesn't look like the kids would like anything on the menu. Was this a complete menu? If anybody has been there is there no kids' menu? Thank you so much for the help! :cool:
We ate at the one at animal kingdom. I thought it cost a little more than it was worth. I had gorilla grilled cheese,it came with fries for around $8. I think $8 is alot for grilled cheese and fries. DH got mojo bones from the appetizer and it was plenty for him,no need to order the entree of them. We also shared this diablo cake it was worth the money very good.Dh was not that impressed so probably won't go back this time.
Yes they do have a kids menu. my daughter got Dino shape chicken they weren't that great

Thank you all for the input. Sounds like I need to keep looking at a place to eat. My kids are chicken fingers kind of kids!
I would not go to RFC for the food or the price (not cheap).It is the surroundings / decor that make it special. At the end, I have gone twice (wanted to confirm my feelings from the first visit!) and would not go back again!
Thank you all. Surroundings are not worth my bucks! I will get surroundings at disney and eat somewhere else. Thanks for the honesty. When it comes to a disney vacation truth beats disappointment in the wallet! ;)
It was a neat place to see, the food was ok, but very pricy. We had $75.00 in gift certificates (from freeride.com) and still had to put in almost $10.00 for dinner for four of us -- and one was only 3-1/2 years old! IMHO, it's NOT worth it, unless you like paying that much for dinner. As I said, the food was ok (I think it's all a la carte) so fries, potato, etc. are all billed separately. My kids didn't really like their meals, either. I think it's got a grown up menu.
By the way, we didn't even have any alcoholic beverages and the bill was still $75.00
Well this sounds way too expensive! I don't plan on even looking their direction... that may cost!hehehee!
Thanks again for the help! :eek:
I would not eat there again if you paid me. My kids weren't wowed enough by the atmosphere to make up for the bad food.(it is neat but...) The food was not good. Even the kids pizza had big tomato chunks. Dont these people know about kids? Why do you think a kid would order cheese pizza at a restaurant in the 1st place?-cuz lots of kids are fuss-its.Of course they wont eat spicy,chunky pizza.
The appetizers are definately not kid friendly.

Ive eaten there several times, dont ask me why, and decided that I just dont like it. If this is a big splurge for you guys I'd do it somewhere else.

My kids loved 50's Prime Time Cafe @MGM. Cool theming and good food.
Good luck
I have to agree that the food at RFC leaves something to be desired. As for the cost, it is about the same price of any theme restaurant. However, I don't believe that the atmosphere makes up for the cost. After 5 minutes seating in the gorilla section, I was less then impressed. I ordered the rasta pasta (ok) and my husband order the mojo bones (he said they were good). As for the cost, it really adds up when you order a salad and a drink in addition to your entree. We ordered 2 salads, 2 entrees, 2 sodas and 1 alcoholic drink the cost with tip $100. The service at DD - RFC could also be improved. After placing our order, I did not see my waiter again until we had finished our meals. :rolleyes:
DH said his steak was the best EVER. and i throughly enjoyed my meal as well. it is something we are really looking foreward to on our next visit!

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