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    Mar 8, 2005
    I am really bored so I am gonna start a thread about quotes. Here you can post any quotes you want, they can be taken from a person or a website or even ones you made up. So post away! :)

    Here are some I found online:

    Hey boy,
    I love your laugh
    && I could
    Get used to that
    && you’re already used to
    Laughing at me</3

    Every penny in a well,
    every broken wish bone,
    every 11:11 on a clock,
    every crossed finger,
    every turn of a necklace pendant,
    every star in the sky,
    every fallen eyelash,
    every blown out candle,
    every wish I could make…will never give me you.</333

    this is a story of a girl
    who cried a river &&
    drowned the whole
    world // but here's a
    story of a guy, who
    held her close &&
    couldn't bare to see
    her cry <3

    okay thats all for now, I will post more later :)

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