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    LeCellier: Lunch on 4/12

    I had: Mussels, Mushroom Filet, Maple Creme Brulee
    DH had: Cheese soup, filet sub cream cheese mashed potatoes, mousse

    I insisted we make this meal. The pretzel bread was good- it tastes more like Auntie Anne's pretzels than traditional Philly ones- buttery I guess.

    Apps: My mussels were good- plentiful and huge but salty (I love salt so that was great). My husband really liked the soup but all I could taste was cheesey beer :sick: They do add Canadian Ale to the soup at LC so you shouldn't have it if you're allergic or don't like the taste of beer. Dh said it tastes like Stouffer's Welsh rarebit with beer added :D

    Entrees: Both of our filets were perfectly prepared and tasted great. I agree the grade of meat is Outback level, which is fine for us. The cream cheese mashed potatoes have a LOT of cream cheese in them. I loved them but DH always teases me about my immense love of cream cheese; they were way too rich for him. The mushroom risotto had great flavor but what I realized on this trip is that I don't like risotto :laughing:.

    Desserts: DH was too full but I made him get the mousse to go. I had the maple creme brulee and it was one of the best desserts of the trip. Tastes exactly how you'd imagine- like a syrupy waffle in a dish. By the time we got back to our room at BC, our moose had melted so we never got to eat him :guilty:

    Ambience: Um, there is none. It's well themed, but no matter what you're at a small table in the middle of a loud restaurant.

    Would we go back: yup! maybe only if we were on the dining plan though, we liked the 2 TS places better and the price is similar OOP. I won't wake up at 6 am 180 days out next time.

    Kona: 4/12

    The monorail was broken and it took us over an hour from the time we got to the monorail station at Epcot to get to the Poly- they had us wait in the station, then sent us across the parking lot to emergency busses to get everyone to TTA about 20 minutes later. Then we waited for the bus. . .anyway we were late for our ADR. They sat us anyway, but we did get a little bit of 'tude- when we asked how long the wait would be they said "well, you were late" OK, I know, but tell me how long the wait is please! I just spent an hour crushed against thousands of my best Disney friends trying to get here!

    We love Kona but the server here was not good. It was a middle aged woman who, as my DH said, "she is busy but not efficient" For example, I ordered coffee with dessert. She brought out the cup w/creamer, then the sugar, then the coffee itself, then the dessert. 4 separate trips. We saw a table near us wait 15 minutes for water- not even the bar drinks they ordered. (they did have bread, but that's the WORST to have tons of bread but no water)

    On to the food:

    Kona bread is soooo yummy!
    Apps: sticky wings. We love these. They have a mustard drizzle that really compliments the tangy wings

    Entrees: I had the tuna oscar. I asked for it not super spicy because I've seen pics where the pepper was crusted on. It was ok, I think the fried tomatoes made it too greasy for me, yet the tuna was dry. I'll stick to the strip with teriyaki next time. The dish didn't have a lot of flavor other than pepper.
    DH had the miso glazed mahi. He thought this was good at the time but couldn't remember what he ordered the next day :)

    Dessert: we had the white chocolate cheesecake and the Kilaueau torte. The torte is a molten chocolate cake which was very good. The cheesecake was good...we were too full to eat much of it!

    Overall: we go for the bread and wings and these definitely did not disappoint.

    Sci Fi: Lunch 4/13

    I had: chili, burger, and cheesecake
    DH had: salad, turkey sandwich, and chocolate peanutbutter cake

    Me: Chili tastes like Campbells which I like, burger was soooooo greasy but good, cheesecake was good but barely eaten
    DH: he was getting overwhelmed by all the heavy Disney food, so he was happy with his choices. The turkey is good quality and not the rubbery stuff. The chocolate PB cake was awesome!

    Ambience: this place is pretty cool to see once. the waitress was really good, we were hitchhikers with another family and she made it not weird and brought all of our food out promptly.

    Overall: I had low expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised, except for the greasiness of the burger. I didn't want another burger again all week.


    Me: Tavern Fried cheese, Colony Salad, toffee cake
    DH: Salad w/ garlic dressing, pot roast, caramel apple tart

    Apps: The tavern fried cheese was yummy! I liked the non-mozz sticks better than the sticks. The garlic dressing is pretty much ranch but I guess they didn't have that in colonial times ;)

    Entrees: We loved our entrees! The Colony salad was huge and perfect w/ dressing on the side. Pot roast was also huge and great flavor. DH hates mushrooms but still really liked this dish.

    Desserts: I built up that ooey-gooey toffee cake to a level of deliciousness not humanly possible, so of course I was let down :). It was just good. I don't think I like the Disney sprinkles they add, they are too hard and weird tasting. But I'd def get it if I ate there again. I didn't try DH's dessert but he liked his too; he said mine was better.

    Captain's Grill: Breakfast

    You don't hear much about this place but we stayed at the BC and wanted Mickey waffles without character interaction, and that is what we got!
    This buffet was pretty great. They have a menu, but most of the things on it are in the buffet, so live a little and go all out. It comes with BOTH juice AND coffee. There was a caramel bread pudding that was delicious, strawberries, waffles and pancakes, bagels w. lox, various kinds of eggs, sausage, bacon, and chicken sausage... great value and great food!

    That's all! Sorry no pics, I thought this post would be shorter :)

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