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    Hi Y'all!

    DH (55), DD (23) and I (55 tomorrow!) just got back from our annual May trip. We also go in December but maybe not for 2010. We stay at the Fort and do not do the dining plan. We do some meals in the cabin, some on site and some off site. This trip we did ADRs in our favorites; Ohana, Biergarten and Boma and has a lucky walk up to Yak & Yeti.

    We arrived Sat, May 15 and went straight to MK hoping to last until closing at 11 but it was really crowded so we left and went off site:scared1: to Flippers Pizza in the Crossroads shopping center. Flippers has a really decent pizza and since we all like different stuff we each got individual pizzas and had plenty to bring back.

    Sunday we had an ADR for lunch at Biergarten. As usual the service was quick and friendly and the buffet was plentiful and tasty. The chicken schnitzel was pretty dry though. We had lasagna for dinner that I brought with us.

    Monday we went to Animal Kingdom and were planning to get food at the Yak & Yeti counter. I had thought they had egg rolls on the counter service menu but they didnt so I walked up to see if they had any tables inside and was surprised to be seated in about 10 minutes! We got egg rolls, pot stickers and lo mein to share. The egg rolls and pot stickers were great. The lo mein was rather bland and a little greasy. dinner was tacos at the cabin.

    Tues we had an ADR at Ohana for 9:45. That was the only time that I could get for the entire week that we were there! Seeing that this restaurant can have its ups and downs I am glad to report that this night was great. We were seated fairly quickly and they started bringing food practically before we sat down. We have never had a complaint about Ohana. The meats were brought around quickly and the guy came back several times asking if we wanted more. Everything was really good except the turkey which was really dry. We like steak medium rare and some of it was but I had one piece that was too well done. The pork loin was great as was the shrimp.....and of course the bread pudding!

    Wednesday was our 8:45 ADR for Boma. They gave me the buzzer and it went off before I could even turn around. This night was ribs night and they were really good. Some people think they are too spicy. They had a pork loin roast that was wonderful too. They had a couple of new desserts since we were there last and they were all good too. The only complaint we had was the table next to us had a group of about 7 seated but they also had about 5 other people milling around the table leaving no room for us to get in and out or even breathe! Really annoying!

    That was the last of the Disney meals. We went out to Macaroni Grill for lunch Thurs at DH's request and back to Flippers on Friday for lunch with leftovers for later.

    All in all a great trip with some great food!
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    Thanks for posting. Been to Boma 4 times but never hit the ribs night yet.
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    Really? Bummer! This must be a recent change. We were there in September and we got some at the counter service. We always like to add them to our shrimp lo mein and honey chicken. I hope it was just a temporary change and that they are back on before next month!

    The shrimp that you had at Ohana was grilled right? I know that the shrimp has been hit or miss the last couple years around there.

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