Questions about annual passes with DVC discount


Earning My Ears
Jan 12, 2015

Quick question about activating annual passes

I am a current DVC member and was hoping to buy my 18-year-old daughter an annual pass using my DVC discount. She is going on one trip with her friends, and one with the family later in the year so I figured the savings would be worth it. She is still living at home, and her driver's license shows my current address, which is the only requirement I see listed in the fine print on the Disney website. The only issue is, the trip she would need to activate it on, I won't be present. Will she be able to go to guest services and activate it showing my DVC card? Or technically, would I need to be present since I am the DVC member? I was unable to tell from Disney's wording.

Thanks in advance!
There have been many reports of parents calling MS who can note it on your file and the child can just show the card and ID and activate the pass.
She needs 3 things:
1) drivers license at the same address as the DVC member
2) DVC member #, name. We typically just snapshot a picture of the membership card on our phone.
3) proof of purchase of the annual pass

Just go to any guest relations with those things and will be a breeze!!


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