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Jan 8, 2001
I have airline vouchers that expire in September. Does this mean that I have to complete my travel by September, or have purchased my tickets by that time? They are for American Airlines.

We had Delta vouchers that had to be used for tickets by the expiration date for travel to be completed within a year from that expiration date, i.e. vouchers expired 1/1/02, travel within year ending 1/1/03.
Check the rules for the vouchers, rules may vary even with different vouchers from the same airline.

Also, Delta vouchers, Delta e-vouchers, and Delta Dollars cannot be used to book tickets over the internet, the last I heard.

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We have vouchers with Southwest that expire at the end of May. I called and they said you can have the expiration date extended 6 months. But you must go to the ticket counter to have this done. I do not know about American but I would call, I am sure they will extend it if you need to.
You should purchase your tickets by the voucher expiration date. I have had AA extend vouchers for me, but I think they charged me $50 each.
My husband had a $300.00 voucher from Delta that expired on Feb. 14. We had to purchase tickets before that date to use up to a year past 2-14. I called Delta and reserved our tickets for Jan 23 but DH had to drive 70 miles to the airport to purchase them with the voucher. We were happy to learn that we could use all of the $300.00 on all 3 of our tickets (which were 131.50 each) so we only had to pay $94.50.
we are using AA vouchers that will have expired by travel time. They were purchased prior to travel and that is how AA seems to work. You have to mail the voucher to them and them they credit your credit card, usually within the same billing perios. I had no problems
Thanks for all the great info everyone! For those of you who had experience with American, did you have to drive to the airport to purchase the tickets?



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