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    I have posted this on the disabilities board and am posting this here as well. My DF and I are taking our kids on the Oct 2, 2011 Dream Cruise and we are getting married as well on this cruise. Our kids will be DS 14, DS12, and DD 8 on the Cruise.

    DS 12, who is DF, son, is on the Autism spectrum, will be in the tween club on the cruise. This is not my first cruise, it will be my third, but DF, and DS12 first. I know that normally these kids are allowed free roam of the ship. Obviously we don't want that. We want to know where he is at all times. Do you know if it is possible to stop check-in privilidges for a tween in these circumstances. We don't want to think he is in the club and him be in the pool!

    I have talked to DCL and they did mention the possibility of dropping him down to the 8-10 yr old group with DD. Would these activities be to young for him?

    We want him to go and have a great time as well as the other two kids.
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    There has been a lot of change in the kid programming this year, and I don't think anyone really knows what the situation will be on the Dream.

    You know whether your son will work in the 8-10 year old group; don't decide now, you need to see where he will be in a year when you actually go. It would keep him with the younger sibling, which could be a good thing. Ocean Quest (tween group on the Magic) is not set up for any sort of check in or check out; that would be a problem.

    Suggest one--wait till you are actually on the ship. The shore side people frequently don't know what is happening. Two--either in the terminal or after boarding, ask to speak to the supervisor of the kid programming. This is the person who will be making the ultimate decisions regarding what they can and can not do for you. They really try to have things work for all families.
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    The kids' club counselors are really awesome to work with! My son has a mild case of autism and they were so good with him. I often find myself apologizing for his social awkwardness in our daily life, but they were so understanding and really seemed to 'get it' that at times when he was not answering them he wasn't intentionally being rude, he was wrapped up in his own thoughts. I wish you guys the best for a great vacation! :goodvibes

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