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Oct 25, 2001
Would Dreams Unlimited book my $99 deal if i didn't use them for the past cruise? I would really like to try someone new, and i have seen lots of good feedback on this board about them.

Without sounding to dumb, is there a phone number to contact them? Everything i have seen points to doing everything over the web, and although i don't mind doing some of the arrangements that way, i would feel better if i at least knew there was a phone number to call with my questions, or to be able to check the status.
Once you book with them, you will receive a toll free number. But, I find that when I contact Donna at Dreams - I have a reply within a few minutes, usually! Email Donna with your question - I'm sure that she will answer you promptly!

Let us know how you make out!
I agree Donna @ Dreams Unlimited was by far better than any other travel agent I've worked with.

She was incredibly informative and patient. Also, she found the $1000+ price reduction in my cruise and credited our account immediately. :smooth:

I have emailed her and am waiting to hear back from her.
Hi Sue! Dreams can certainly book your cruise for you whether you have used them in the past or not. :) You can just complete the regular cruise reservation request form and be sure and note in the box where you put names that you have the $99 voucher.
I just thought that they might not be interested, since there probably will be little or no comission on the $99 deal. I have heard back from Donna, and will be filling out the form soon...

I have to agree Donna is great - we have something like 353 days until we leave, and I've already bothered her much more than I probably should have, but she's been great about it.


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