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Mar 23, 2000
I know this is technically for questions about transportation to and around Orlando and WDW, but I just don't know who else to ask. I live in Colorado, and taking a road trip to Kentucky this weekend. We have decided to rent a car from National, and the closest place is the airport. I am a member of the Emerald Aisle. How does it work. Where do I go? Do I find just any National counter? Do I even need to go to the counter? I am so confused, and I am going out in Wednesday afternoon to pick it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
just bumping in case this gets sent to page 2 before the person who knows sees it.
OK IF I read this right, you are picking up a car at DIA. As I recall the rental cars are on property at DIA, but not within walking distance of the terminal. When you get to the airport, I would just follow the signs to rental car return. Before your driver goes over the little metal spikes and into National, be sure to tell the guard what you are doing and he will give you directions from there. I am fairly sure that there is an EA there and you just go pick your car.

Hope that helps!
We flew into Denver a couple of years ago and if I remember correctly, all the rental car companies were located just down the road from the terminal via their shuttles. You might want to call National first. It would probably be much easier for you to go directly to National vs getting involved with the airport congestion out&inside the airport!

Just head for the airport on Pena Blvd, and follow the signs to rental car return. You won't even get near the terminal, so don't worry about congestion. You can go to the counter in the building, or if you reserve an emerald isle car, you can just go to the row along the fence (that's where the isle is located), pick out a car and head for the security gate. Be sure to have your drivers license, emerald card and credit card.

Also be aware that DIA is not participating in the fuel offering that National has for emerald club members, so fill the car up before you return it or you'll be charged something like $4/gallon - there's a gas station just down the road (you'll pass it on your way to pick up the car) - prices are a little higher than most places, but anyplace else is about 20 miles away.
Thank you so much. I am headed out to DIA on about 10 minutes. Now I know exactly what to do. Thanks again


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