Question about calling tomorrow and changing room only to a package? Help

Maggie The Cat

Oct 28, 2021
1 - Would you bother? Or just buy separate tickets? Only reason we're debating switching is the tickets with package would be refundable within a certain time-frame.

2 - I was told by a CM that I'd keep the current room view/price that I've booked already, but they would just need to take a new deposit and my old deposit would be refunded to me. Has anyone found this to not be the case and the room price increased or view wasn't available?

3 - Is there any way to have what I've already put down for room only transferred to the new package or do they always have to cancel?

4 - If the room view/rate is truly going to stay the same, do I need to call tomorrow during the madness, or can it wait a few days?
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Oct 16, 2017
If the room type you want is in the system, I would book the package now and then deal with calling to cancel.


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Dec 15, 2021
I think they have to cancel, rebook when switching from room only to packages.
Something about 2 different types of accounting in the back end.
Though I stand to be wrong
You may or may not be able to keep the price/view.
That is going to depend on several factors. Sadly, what the CM told you may not be correct.
If the room/view/price you have is available in the package you want to book then yes, you can.
If it's not, then no you can't
Thing is, they only allocate certain numbers of room/view/price combos to certain packages. Once those are sold out, they are no longer available at that price point. If you are talking about rack rate (full price) then it's likely a moot point.
If you are talking about a reduced price room then it could be an issue.
What I'd do is go online and look, is what you want to book available to book? At the price you expect to pay? If so, book is
Cancel the one you don't want.
Yes that ties up money for a few days but in my experience Disney's refunds hit pretty fast if you are using the Chase Visa.
I wouldn't call to do any of it if I didn't have to