Question about 3BR floor plan at Bonnet Creek

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    Jul 19, 2010
    I was looking at possibly going with a 3br this trip and noticed that I see 2 different floor plans for the Deluxe rooms. One has BR#1 on one side and #2 &3 on the other side. The other has all the bedrooms located on the same side. Anyone know which one is the most common type or is it just the luck of the draw as to which type you'll end up with? Also, are the 3BR units on the higher floors only or are they mixed throughout?
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    We stayed in a 3 bedroom at Bonnet Creek. The master bedroom was on one side of the living room. The other 2 bedrooms were on the other side and shared a bathroom. We had a top floor unit in Tower 2.. We loved our unit - very roomy, convenient to a pool, miniature golf (we used our own golf clubs/balls) & had a great view of the Epcot fireworks (& MK from a distance).
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    When I look at the Wyndham owners site, I see only a split plan for the 3 BR Deluxe. In the 3 BR Presidential, all of the bedrooms are on the same side.

    The Presidential units are slightly larger and would be many more points -- and therefore a higher rental price if you are renting from an owner. The furniture and appointments in the Presidential are also somewhat nicer than in the Deluxe (which is really just Wyndham for "standard").

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